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Top 5 Reasons You Need A Bedouin Stretch Tent:

As you may have guessed, the primary use for bedouin stretch tents is to provide protection against wind, sun and rain; any event host’s worst nightmare! 

Beyond their practical uses, bedouin stretch tents bring a distinctive, visually stunning aesthetic to every event. Our shade cover and bedouin stretch structures complement any outdoor space and can be installed anywhere! Yes – we really mean ANYWHERE! 

Your event is guaranteed to stand out from the rest, as each tent setup is completely unique! The tent takes shape in part from its surroundings, and in part by design of our crew.

To show you exactly what we mean, we’ve compiled a list of the best events and places to make use of these amazingly beautiful yet customizable covers, whether it’s a one-off event or a permanent installation.

Are you planning a…

White Wedding

Have you ever attended a wedding where you have to sit, formally dressed, in the baking hot sun? Imagine having to move the location of your perfect day due to sudden showers or even freak stormy conditions! 

We put a lot of effort into planning the perfect day, but what do we do when Mother Nature isn’t feeling like cooperating?

Our cover for hire is the ideal solution for these kinds of issues. The waterproof fabric keeps everything dry, and the adaptable layout allows for walled structures, or open sides with just a top.

Even if it ends up being the perfect weather for the day, our gorgeous white stretch fabric tents are sure to be a highlight of your beautiful wedding decor.

 Our structures are tasteful and elegant and the simple white color goes with any and all themes.The tent can be lit up by thoughtfully placed lighting to match different color themes, made especially stunning by the inner contours created by the bedouin style tents.

Our smaller bedouin stretch tents cover the bride and groom’s wedding ceremony proceedings perfectly while our larger structures seat up to 80 guests comfortably.

The tents are unique, photogenic and can fit many different spaces making it the ideal choice for destination weddings.

Music festivals and live music:

One of the hallmarks of a great music festival or outdoor music event is an epic dance floor.

Bedouin stretch tents are the ultimate in festival shade cover. They protect against all elements and fit any terrain.

Our smaller bedouin tents cover DJ booths and sound equipment with all sides down, protecting your talent and your equipment from all weather conditions while the larger structures are ideal for a large outdoor dance floor. For more intimate events, both the staging and dance floor can be covered with our large tent. 

Other excellent uses for our tents might be to cover a bar area or chill space.

Corporate functions:

If you are hosting a large audience and various speakers, our tents are perfect for covering both staging and seating areas so that your guests are protected against all elements.

End of year parties and similar functions can be elevated through the creation of unique spaces tailored to your company’s needs.

With our outdoor cover, the venue for your next corporate event or end of year function could be a golf course or a tropical beach.

Sports Events:

Whether you are hosting a professional sports team or a school sports day, our bedouin structures are ideally suited for the creation of comfortable seating spaces.

Other uses for our cover could be to cover sound equipment, judge tables, food and drinks areas or even refreshment stops for long distance races.

Awnings for outdoor spaces:

Restaurants looking to make use of outdoor spaces during the rainy season might consider a beautiful permanent bedouin installation. 

Hotels with rooftop bars or outdoor sitting areas can benefit from gorgeous bedouin tenting to protect guests while they sip cocktails or morning coffee.

Dreamscape Tents offers custom designed shade cover and awnings that can fit smaller spaces. These lightweight and aesthetically appealing waterproof shade covers are permanent installations. However, they can still be adjusted or moved with ease.

Dreamscape Tents have you covered

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dreamscape Tents do?

Our offerings include Bedouin stretch tents and exquisite bamboo equipment available for rent, as well as tailor-made shade sails for sale.

What is the price per m2 for Bedouin tent rental?

Our bedouin tent rental price is 85,000 VND/m2.

What is the price per m2 for shade cover rental?

Our shade cover rental price is 45,000 VND/m2.

What type of events do you service?

We service any type of event. Our tents products are very versatile and can be set up on all types of terrian.

Are your tents waterproof?

Yes, our tents are 100% waterproof and can withstand most types of weather.

What size are your tents?

We currently have 6m x 9m (54 square meter)  and 10m x 15m (150 square meter) and 10m x 20m (200 square meter) tents available for rental.